You have not insured your workers (in time)?

If you have not insured your workers (in time), you will be automatically affiliated through Fedris and get a fine.

The amount due for the automatic affiliation is calculated per person and per month, on the basis of a fixed sum, independently of the salary or the hours worked. The longer the uninsured period, the higher the contribution. 

For 2021, the contribution varies between 90 € (not insured for maximum 3 months in a row) and 210 € (not insured for more than 12 months in a row) per person and per month.

If you pay the automatic affiliation contribution after the due date, you will have to pay an additional surcharge (10%) and interests.

If an employee has an occupational accident while not insured, Fedris will indemnify the victim as an insurance company would do. In this case, Fedris acts as a guarantee fund. Afterwards, Fedris will reclaim the expenses made from you, in addition to the automatic affiliation contribution. You may also face criminal prosecution.

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