Who declares a fatal occupational accident?

Your partner, parent, child, grandparent, brother or sister has been victim of an occupational accident at work or on the way to or from work and died because of it? As a rightful claimant, you can be entitled to an annuity if this accident is recognised as an occupational accident. In order to do so, your relative's employer must have declared the occupational accident to his insurance company.

The employer has not declared the occupational accident to his insurance company? Contact Fedris' Control department or your trade union.

Then you have to declare your relative's accident yourself through the insurance company of your relative's employer. You do not know what is the employer's insurance company? Declare the accident through Fedris. Fedris will ensure your declaration gets to the right insurance company. 

As a colleague, friend or acquaintance of a victim of a fatal occupational accident, you can also declare the accident, for instance in the best interest of a rightful claimant unable to declare the accident.

You must declare the accident within 3 years. No declaration can be done anymore after the so called period of limitation has expired. 

The insurance company refuses to recognise the accident as an occupational accident? Then you can ask Fedris to investigate the insurance company's decision. 

You do not agree with the insurance company's or Fedris' decision? Then you can submit your file to the labour court (in French).