Health care refund

As a victim of an occupational disease, you are entitled to the reimbursement of health care that is necessary to treat your occupational disease. Such health care must also be recognised by the health insurance regulations or be included in a specific list of health benefits linked to occupational diseases.

Your health insurance reimburses you for part of the cost according to the rules of the compulsory health/disability insurance. Thereafter, Fedris may reimburse you for your personal share or own contribution, i.e. the part that remains at your expense. This is also established by law. If you have paid more, you will have to pay the difference.

For example, a visit at the doctor’s costs € 24.50 with your health insurance. If your doctor charges you € 24.50, you will be reimbursed in full (€ 18.50 covered by your health insurance and € 6.00 own contribution covered by Fedris, for example). If you are charged € 30, € 24.50 will be reimbursed and € 5.50 will remain at your expense.

How do I apply for a refund of my personal share (patient contribution)?

When your application was processed, you received a series of prescription forms and a fact sheet on how to use them. You can also always reorder these documents. Depending on the nature of your medical expenses, you must send Fedris different documents.

Which expenses?Which documents to send?To what address?
Pharmaceutical costshave your doctor and pharmacist fill out the drug prescription (model HC1) + health insurance sticker (“vignette”)Fedris (regional office in Liege)
Doctor consultation feeshave your doctor fill out the certificate for the care you have been provided to treat your occupational disease (model HC2) + health insurance sticker (“vignette”)Fedris (regional office in Liege)
Physiotherapist or other paramedic consultation feeshave your doctor and health care provider fill out the certificate for care provided by paramedics (model HC3) + health insurance sticker (“vignette”)Fedris (regional office in Liege) 
Hospitalisation costshospital bill, proof of payment, detailed hospitalization report attesting that the hospitalization is linked to the occupational disease, mention of the pharmaceutical products administered and the nomenclature numbers of the medical care which were providedFedris (regional office in Liege)
(In exceptional circumstances) Expenses not covered by the health insurance, e. g. expenses for certain prosthesis or orthopaedic devices or for the rental of sanitary equipmentbills, proof of payment and/or doctor prescription and bill

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