Travel expenses refund

Fedris can help cover the travel expenses engendered by your occupational illness. 

Your travel expenses are reimbursed if you have to travel at the request of Fedris or the Labour Court.

If you travel by public transport, your costs are reimbursed in full on the condition that you provide the original transport tickets. If you travel with your own vehicle, you will receive a kilometric allowance. 

If, for medical reasons, you travel by ambulance or taxi, your expenses are reimbursed in full (Fedris will reimburse you for the share that is not covered by your health insurance) provided you have received prior agreement from Fedris’s doctor.

Parking fees are not covered.

If your occupational disease has been recognised, you will receive, during the period of temporary incapacity for work, a lump sum of € 0.70 per calendar day as an intervention in your travel expenses.

In the event of permanent incapacity for work, of which the "physical disability" component is at least 50%, you are entitled to a lump sum of € 20 per month as an intervention in your travel expenses.