How to file a claim for occupational disease compensation? (private sector)

For all occupational diseases

If you suffer from a disease and that, as a worker, you have been exposed to an occupational risk that could cause that disease, you may be eligible for compensation for that occupational disease. For instance: you worked in a mine and now suffer from pneumoconiosis (a disease on the list).

Print the form 501 and the form 503. Fill out the form 501 yourself and ask a doctor to fill out the form 503. If applicable, attach the medical evidence mentioned in the form 503. Then send all documents to Fedris.

Once Fedris receives the medical forms and documents, we initiate an internal procedure. You do not have to do anything else unless Fedris asks you for additional documents or invites you to undergo a medical examination.

Do you live in Belgium but believe that your occupational disease results from an occupational risk to which you have been exposed while working for a foreign employer? Then contact the body responsible for the award of occupational accident benefits in this country as Fedris can only undertake a review if requested to do so by that body.