28/02/2024 Our office in Liège moves closer to the railway station

The Fedris regional office in Liège moved to the RVA building (rue Jean Gol 2 - 4000 Liège) on 1 March. This building is close to the Liège-Guillemins railway station, which will basically increase accessibility for citizens.

Apart from the healthcare forms that must now be sent directly to Brussels (Fedris - Avenue de l'Astronomie 1 - 1210 Bruxelles), the office in Liège office will continue their work as usual. Citizens are still welcome to ask various questions, request and deliver documents or to speak to a social assistant every Monday between 9 am and 12 pm (exceptionally, no social assistant will be able to be present on Mondays 4 and 11 March).

The regional office will not be available on Friday 1 March because of the move. From Monday 4 March we will again be at your service in Liege.

13/11/2020 Offices for social assistance in Brussels: only on appointment

As from the week of 16 November 2020, the offices for social assistance in Brussels on Thursday will only be available on appointment.

To make an appointment, please call 02 272 28 20.

During the appointment, please wear a mask and respect social distancing.

11/06/2020 Covid-19: compensation in case of death for volunteers and student workers

A newsletter about compensation for volunteers and student workers in case of death has been published today.

Until now, volunteers and student workers helping an organisation in the fight against Covid-19 were not insured in case of death caused by this disease. By creating a "Covid-19 Volunteers Fund", the federal government makes it possible to get compensation in case of death.

Want to know more? Click here to read the newsletter (in French).

28/05/2020 Back to business

Fedris will reopen as from 2 June. Our offices in Brussels, Liège and Hasselt will be open every Monday, Thursday ans Friday. In some towns, you will also be able to meet our social workers during their duty.

If you enter one of our buildings, you will have to follow some rules: you have to wear a mask and, if needed, you will have to bring your own pen. You have to disinfect your hands at the entrance and we kindly ask you to respect social distancing.

Medical consultations will also resume in June, but only on notification.

17/04/2020 Coronavirus crisis and life certificates

People living abroad who encounter problems in completing their life certificate should not be afraid of losing their compensation.

To ensure that you continue to receive your compensation for occupational disease or occupational accident abroad, Fedris asks you each year to have a life certificate completed by the municipal administration, embassy or consulate of your place of residence. If Fedris does not receive this document on time, the payment of your compensation is suspended.

Given the exceptional circumstances we are currently experiencing, Fedris will not automatically suspend the payment of your compensation if you do not send your completed life certificate on time. This measure will remain in force as long as the coronavirus crisis lasts in Belgium and in your country of residence.

16/03/2020 Update: appointments, home visits and consultation days canceled until 3/4

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Fedris has taken various measures which will be in effect until Friday, 3 April.

  • Our offices in Brussels, Liège and Hasselt are closed for the public, but we remain at your service and can be contacted by phone and e-mail. All social workers' consultations are also canceled.
  • All medical appointments are canceled in Brussels, Liège and Hasselt.
  • All home visits are canceled. Discussions must take place by phone.

If you cannot reach your file manager by phone, call Fedris's general number: +32 2 272 20 00. Explain clearly why you are calling (occupational disease, occupational accident, status of your case, payment, etc.) and you will be put in contact with one of your file manager's colleagues.

03/02/2020 Brexit: the rights of the insureds to be maintained until 31.12.2020

The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020 at midnight. A transition period is planned until 31 December 2020. During this period, nothing changes for those insured under social insurance.

Payment of benefits for accidents at work and occupational diseases will continue to be guaranteed after the end of the transition period. The question of reimbursement of medical expenses will have to be settled before 1 January 2021 at European or Belgian level.

More information on the consequences of Brexit can be found on the website of the Federal Public Service Social Security:

23/12/2019 Fedris will be closed during the end of year period

  • On Tuesday 24 December 2019, we will close at 15.00.
  • We will be closed from Wednesday 25/12/2019 to Thursday 02/01/2020.
  • We will be back on Friday 3 January 2020.

Fedris wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year

21/10/2019 Relocation of the occupational accidents duty office in Liège

As from Monday 21 October 2019 our regional duty office for occupational accidents is located at a new address : quai Godefroid Kurth 45, 4020 Liège.

Ms. Géraldine Keil’s phone number has also changed: +32 2 272 28 24.

The duty office will still be open on Mondays from 9am to 12pm.


31/08/2018 Social assistants in Brussels

As from 20th September 2018, the weekly office of the social assistants in Brussels will be held in Avenue de l'Astronomie 1.