automatic affiliation

If you have not insured your workers (in time) against occupational accidents, you will be automatically affiliated through Fedris as a fine. The amount due for the automatic affiliation is calculated per person and per month, on the basis of a fixed sum, independently of the salary or the hours worked. The longer the uninsured period, the higher the contribution.


basic salary

The basic salary is the salary earned by the victim during the 365-day period preceding the accident (the reference period) in the function performed at the time of the accident. For instance: if the occupational accident occurred on 01.02.2013, the basic salary will be calculated for the period ranging from 01.02.2012 to 31.01.2013. The basic salary includes the actual salary, the paid overtime and public holidays, the Christmas bonus, the holiday bonus and other advantages. The compensation for professional expenses (transport, meals...), working clothes... are not included. The holiday bonus is not taken into account to determine the benefits for temporary work incapacity, except for employees whose work contract ends during the period of temporary work incapacity.

bilateral convention

For the reimbursement of health care delivered abroad and related to an occupational accident, Belgium has signed a bilateral convention with Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Quebec, San Marino, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey.


fatal occupational accident

A fatal occupational accident is an occupational accident where the victim dies immediately after the accident or later but because of the accident or where the victim has suffered injuries that have hastened his death.


occupational accident

Accident that occurs due to a sudden event in the course of and because of the execution of the work contract or the function and that results in an injury. An accident on the usual way to or from work is also considered as an occupational accident. It can also be an accident that occurs outside of the execution of a worker's function, but that is caused by a third party because of the execution of the function.


rightful claimant

Partner, legal cohabitant, child, parent, grandchild, brother or sister of a victim of a fatal occupational accident.