Compensation for temporary incapacity for work (private sector)

If you find yourself temporarily (the period must be at least 15 days) unable to work as a result of an occupational disease, you are entitled to benefits for temporary incapacity for work. This applies to total as well as to partial temporary incapacity for work.

You are in total incapacity for work if you are temporarily unable to resume work. You are then entitled to daily benefits calculated as follows: 90% of your basic salary divided by 365 days. You receive daily benefits for each calendar day during the period of your incapacity for work, and therefore also for the weekends. The benefits are also indexed.

You are in partial temporary incapacity for work if the physician considers you are able to resume working part time or that you are able to perform work that is adapted to your condition. If you are in temporary incapacity for work, Fedris compensates the loss of salary (possible difference between the salary you received before your occupational disease and your reduced salary because you work less as a result of your occupational disease).

You must always apply for temporary incapacity for work when the symptoms of the occupational disease can still be seen.

If you are still unable to work when you are sent the decision, you will be paid on a monthly basis, usually at the end of the month. In some cases (when the net amount is less than € 130,83 (last modification 01/05/2024), you are paid on a quarterly basis. 

As for outstanding arrears, Fedris will first reimburse the period(s) of guaranteed salary to your employer. These outstanding arrears are often reimbursed to another institution (e. g. your health insurance) when the latter pays you advances pending Fedris' decision.

You are paid benefits for temporary incapacity for work until you are healed or until the consequences of your occupational disease become permanent. In the latter case, the temporary incapacity for work benefits are replaced by  benefits for permanent incapacity for work.